Stripes But No Stars

They converted factories full of metal

Into death

for power, for money, for glory.

For what?

To be the best? To be #1?

To prove a point about what?

An economic system?  A form of government?

Did they protect us? From what?


That was somebody’s son, daughter, mother, father,uncle, aunt, cousin, friend…who died for what?

But unbelievers never count

If you’re not going to heaven

What’s the difference

If your hell is here on Earth?


Your Crisis Does Not Matter

Your crisis does not matter.
Suck it up.
You don’t know suffering.
Grit your teeth and bear the pain.
We have better things to do than care.
Be the weak of the herd.
Be left behind.
Your crisis does not matter.
There is work to be done.
Contribute to our progress
Or we cast you out.
Are you the weak of the herd?
Suffer silently.
Your crisis does not matter.
Pull your own weight or die in disgrace.
Your crisis is a patethic waste of our time.
Darwin was a pussy.
God is a shark.

Tears For Velvet?

You lost no shine
On the corner
Near the Main Street Station
Your name in neon
With that sharp ‘V’
Overshadowed by Obama painted as a Villain Clown
Ersatz palm tree overlooking what?
Government employees
To man their stations and then
Leaving for home in the evening.
How many ever graced your fleshy hall?
You lost the hallowed art of serving spirits
Bitten by the long arm of the law
Who will ponder –
When the last nubile thing
Leaves your door
Will her cheek be damp?
-J.S. Fowler 5/18/10