Jail The Babies

Christianity tells us that “all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God”.  This is the entire basis of a concept known as “original sin”.  The story is that Adam and Eve gave up their innocence in the Garden of Eden.  As a result, every person born is born with an innate flaw. In other words, people are born criminals.

Babies are selfish, contribute nothing, and operate as leeches on society.  They have no knowledge of good and evil.  They have no redeeming value.  It takes many years until children even become remotely useful to society – it may take 20+ years these days before a baby becomes a useful part of corporate America’s agenda.

This leads me to the policy solution that will solve many problems.  You may guess from the title of this post that my solution is this – jail the babies.  This is a simple way of saying that all children, from birth, must be put aside in well-designed institutions and taught how to become productive to society.

Parents cannot do this due to rampant poverty and sub-par societal structures.  Schools have failed.  Even the idea of ‘home-schooling’ is insufficient.  Babies simply cannot learn fast enough to be productive in a home environment where they must waste time becoming ‘emotionally bonded’ with their parents and possible siblings and even neighbors.  The inevitable result of this is rebellion, at worse and at best – these babies leave home to go their own way and ‘choose’ an ‘individual path’ for themselves.  Again, a sinful approach that denies the right of our Corporate overlords to decide what is best.

Think of the many ways that the Conservatives and the Liberals would be served from the approach of jailing the babies.  For one, Conservatives could no longer complain about lawlessness or entitlements or welfare queens.  Liberals could not complain that anyone’s rights are being compromised or that there is not enough public education. STEM courses could be taught to children from birth onward.  Our Corporate overlords could choose among the children to groom them for specific positions within their organizations.  Education would be free and parents would no longer need to worry about how they would raise children – both morally and economically.  This would allow them to spend time working harder to advance the corporate American agenda.

My next post will address the logical next step – sterilize America after preserving only the best sperm and eggs and learning how to synthetically replicate human reproductive cells.

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