Be An Ideal Consumer

What is an ideal consumer? A ideal consumer has the following characteristics:

-A sense of fundamental unease at a whole host of subjects never adequately learned in school. 

-Guilt at not being all one can be.  You can do it,  though,  in the Army. 

-A sense that one is not quite popular enough. 

-A thirst for something to fill that hole that used to be one’s ego,  one’s free will. 

– Sexual shame. 

– A clear sense that every aspect of your life is a competition. 

What are the actions taken by a good consumer?

– Watches major network TV and looks forward to the new Fall line-up.

– Watches commercials carefully because ads pay for programming.

-Buys the latest car model. 

-Buys a bigger house in a new development. 

-Gets subscriptions to popular magazines. 

– Eats at restaurants. Orders the special. 

-Buys clothes through retail establishments. 

-Drinks large quantities of alcohol. 

-Smokes tobacco (or these days,  Vapes chemical stews). 

-Takes drugs – pot,  cocaine, schrooms or one’s prescribed by a doctor. 

– Sees a therapist to get over their drug and alcohol problems. 

– Joins a large religious congregation. 

– Joins a gym. 

– Buys Apple technology products. 

– Surfs the web. 

– Uses social media. 

– Orders pay per view. 

– Goes to strip clubs. 

– Travels abroad. 

– Is jealous of neighbors, friends, family, celebrities, strangers.

– Shows no weakness to neighbors.

– Avoids intimacy at all costs. 

The main point of being an ideal consumer is to support the economy.  

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