Vanderbilt’s Dilemma

In response to a commenter in the Atlantic article (link below) that executive pay is “none of anyone’s business” other than shareholders:

None of our business? I don’t think so. In any case, shareholders have been unwilling or, likelier, unable to prevent the boys at the top of the food chain from cutting themselves larger, and larger, and increasingly ever larger checks, eating up ALL of the productivity gains that the rest of us in the American economy have made possible. It is the rest of our business when, for example, the US tax code rewards corporations for offshoring American jobs, instead of penalizing them. Or taxes capital gains at a far lower rate than income through labor. Like Vanderbilt said, “Incidentally, we may benefit mankind; but the aim is to earn a dividend.” So far, so good. But when that dividend fails to benefit the rest of us, when the earning of it actually hurts the rest of us, Mr. Vanderbilt and his latter-day apologists, like yourself, will have to deal with the natural reaction. Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

–Disqus User BigOnion (not to be confused with or associated with the famous parody website)

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