I am giving in to technology.  I am learning what it is to be an uber-geek.  I am beyond Windows.  I am out of the reach of Apple.  I am working with a Chromebook.  So far so good.

Actually, I’m loving it.

Out of the box, the only challenge was fitting the U.S. outlet adapter onto the strangely clunky power adapter.  After that, just waiting for Chrome to update was the only challenge.

Maybe twenty minutes later, I’m taking a profile picture with the built-in camera.  I’m checking my Twitter on HootSuite.  I’m blogging in this here blog.

The machine is quiet.  It barely makes a low hum.  Tiny fans are cooling the insides.  From what I understand, it has a solid state hard drive.  No moving parts.  It’s almost as light as a frisbee.

Some things I have yet to discover – how to find Google Chat.  How to access the hard drive.  How to start a new document (a ‘real’ document like the MS Word variety).  I know you can do these things.

More to come…

Update:  Hours later and I’ve been listening to the new Johnny Marr on Rhapsody, playing around in a music creation app called AudioTool, writing a document, starting a spreadsheet. I’m syncing my Catch notes and I’m downloading news apps.

So far, I can’t think of anything I can’t do with this little machine.  It’s been on my lap for over an hour now and I’m not feeling like I need some ice for my groin.

The only glitch so far is that it takes some time to calculate the battery left.



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