Memorial Day

As a nation, we look at Memorial Day as a time to honor those who served, those who gave their lives, defending us.  But, in recent years, we have become aggressors.  We have stretched the meaning of ‘defense’ to its limits and moved into an offensive posture.

In the wake of 9/11, this was Ok.  Nobody thought of our actions as aggressive.  They were willing to suspend any small doubt in favor of striking back.  But who are we striking back against?  The Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein?  He was a power-mad charlatan who bluffed his way to his own demise, but no.  Turns out, though he was an out-of-control dictator, he had nothing to do with 9-11.

How about the Afghan chieftains who fly under the banner of ‘Taliban’?  No.  It turns out that the Taliban did not direct the terrorists of 9-11 nor did they have any link to the mysterious and elusive foe ‘Al Qaeda’ (who are now, even as I type these words, plotting with Skeletor and the entire remaining voice-over cast of the Super Friends’ Legion of Doom to take over the frozen food section of every major grocery store on the East Coast).

Then surely it was Osama Bin Laden who was the mastermind behind the attacks.  Correct!  The U.S. aggressive stance is well justified against this very real and very well-equipped foe (he had vast amounts of pot and porn) who… whoa… not so fast.  This just in… there are reports that Osama was taken out by the er… uh… CIA… I mean… American military or NATO or someone… because he had raised his hand to say that … “well, in all actuality, it wasn’t me… I had nothing to do with it.” Well now.  That sure won’t do. Pow!

Osama sure made a great scapegoat all those years, but does anybody really know he did do it?  Some say he was a CIA operative.  Others the head of the vast evil octopus that threatens every aspect of our lives, on a daily basis creeping into our very beings with dread and fangs and large pointy objects that may blow up, especially on commercial aircraft (yet, oddly, nowhere else).

What do we really know?  All we have to go on is what we’re told by the media, who are paid by the corporations, who own the government.  We can only conclude that what we see on the evening new is not really “information” so much as what they want us to ‘know’.  Remember, the news literally stands for North, East, West, South, which is just stuff people have said from different geographic parts, true or not.  Nobody vouches for the news or says it’s true.  Much of what is said turns out to be wrong with surprising regularity.  I, for one, don’t have a crystal ball that shows everything going on everywhere both past and present, so I can only believe or disbelieve what I am told.

Mainly I disbelieve.

Yes, on this Memorial Day weekend, I am proud to say that I don’t believe a word my government tells me nor what the news services have to say.  Sure, it’s great theater, if you like simplistic claptrap.  It’s glorious propaganda that serves some purpose of which I am not even so sure.  None of it is believable to anyone but lobotomized rodents and pickled vegetables (and even a beet I talked to the other day had suspicions that Obama was actually a Republican).

But before you go feeling gloomy.  Remember my friends that doubt and disbelief in your government is a core American value.  The spirit is there.  Of rebellion.  Of incredulity.  Of independent thought.  And our government is so great at feeding us really ridiculous lies that the only conclusion I can come to is that they ardently wish to foster our wonderful, patriotic sense of doubt.

Was 9-11 an inside job?  Did Roosevelt know about Pearl Harbor before it happened?  Was JFK killed by the Secret Service because he was going to reveal the truth about Area 51? Well, it doesn’t really matter.  Because what we know is one thing – that nothing can be trusted but everything should be absorbed as part of the overall story.  Because the lies that are created can tell us much more about the true nature of those that tell them.  In truth, people will only tell what they know, those things of which they are imminently aware on a conscious level.  In lies, they reveal subconscious desires and their real nature becomes apparent.

Support the troops and don’t believe a thing your government tells you.  It’s the patriotic thing to do on this Memorial Day weekend.

P.S. A final question to ponder… with the proliferation of military contractors / mercenaries who fight for U.S. corporate interests overseas, do we count those as we remember the many who have fallen to fight for uh… our right to be ruled by these same corporate interests?

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