2010 Gummy Bears Championship

Ever since Gummy Bears were sold as a fund-raising item when I was in high school, I have enjoyed the soft, slightly fruity, slightly chewy, malleable little candy.   Last night, in a late night attack of candy obsession I decided to grab two different bags of the multi-colored, translucent quasi-food to determine which brand would be dubbed “King of the Bears”.


  • Black Forest “Gummy Bears”  manufactured by Ferrara Pan Candy Company, Forrest Park, IL (BF)
  • Haribo “Gold-Bears Gummi Candy” (Original) manufactured by Haribo of America, Inc. Made in Turkey. (HAR)

Nutrition Facts:

  • BF – The only significant nutrition is 10% Vitamin C and 3g of protein.  Made with apple juice concentrate.  Contains Sucrose and Coconut Oil and Sodium Citrate
  • H  – Contains just the 3 grams of protein.  Contains Dextrose and “Fractionated” Coconut Oil as well as Beeswax Coating and Starch.

Appearance and Feel:

  • BP – Soft and squishy, translucent with textured details that make it looks like each piece of candy has fur on its little belly
  • H – Slightly sticky, firmer, and heavier

Initial Aroma:

  • BF – On opening the bag, there is a strong artificial fruit aroma.
  • H – No discernable odor.


  • BF – There are three varieties – Red, Orange, Green, and Yellow.  There is very little difference in the taste of each.
  • H  – Same four varieties with less of a difference between the orange and the yellow colors.  As far as taste, the orange variety has a distincly more fruity, orange flavor.  Overall, the taste of these are more subtle than the BF brand.


  • BF – Soft with very little chew.  Very malleable and juicy.
  • H  – A bit more substantial.  Lasts longer in the mouth.


  • BF – Satisfying texture and bolder taste with a dash of Vitamin C
  • H – Classic taste and texture, but ultimately more junk food than serious confection.


Black Forest Gummy Bears

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