Writing on the Small Screen

I am writing this using a Vizio flat screen TV as a monitor.  Where I normally take in information, I am typing information.  I am informing.  I am seeing this in very large print, for sure.  But, I have adapted my surroundings so that I am able to influence it.  Well, at the very least, I am providing my own entertainment.  All of this thanks to a monitor extension cord or two.  One works, but I think using two will allow the cords to be nearly invisible, winding around things in the den so that it doesn’t interfere with coming in and out.  Safety first!  Aesthetics as well!

Well, anyway, this is the way to go.  The holy grail of writing.  You can’t complain about this in any way.  I have a wireless keyboard that sits on my lap.  I’m using the Vizio as an extended desktop, so I can still work on the screen of my laptop, check emails, etc.

When I was in Bristol this past week, I visited the mall.  While there, I was in the cell phone doo-dad store, where they cell all the cases and skins, etc.  I told her about my dream to have a wireless, full-size keyboard for my Droid.  She thought I was crazy.

“Why would you want that?” she asked, pointing out that it already has a keyboard.

I played it off as me being silly.

Yet, the truth remains.  While probably not ideal, given the limitations of the Droid’s screen size, a wireless, full-size, roll-up (or some other portable type keyboard) would be more effective, considering how fast I touch type versus peck with my thumbs on Droid’s build-in human interface.  Maybe I shouldn’t complain to much since it does have some type of keyboard device; unlike those purely touchscreen devices, like the Droid Eris.

But back to this current configuration.  How does it work?


  • Dell laptop Inspiron 1525
  • Vizio 24” Flatscreen TV (not sure of the model)
  • a standard monitor cable (two male ends) and
  • extensions (both have one male and one female end).

Advantages of hooking your laptop/PC to the TV:

  • Watch online videos like you would regular TV.
  • Write in high style, substituting your own thoughts for the normal garbage piped into the room. (yes, it takes the ability to read and write – whoops)

I also have the stereo system set up to the laptop as well.  At the moment, I am typing these words and on the laptop screen I have the DJ software up that I use for my radio show.


2010 Gummy Bears Championship

Ever since Gummy Bears were sold as a fund-raising item when I was in high school, I have enjoyed the soft, slightly fruity, slightly chewy, malleable little candy.   Last night, in a late night attack of candy obsession I decided to grab two different bags of the multi-colored, translucent quasi-food to determine which brand would be dubbed “King of the Bears”.


  • Black Forest “Gummy Bears”  manufactured by Ferrara Pan Candy Company, Forrest Park, IL (BF)
  • Haribo “Gold-Bears Gummi Candy” (Original) manufactured by Haribo of America, Inc. Made in Turkey. (HAR)

Nutrition Facts:

  • BF – The only significant nutrition is 10% Vitamin C and 3g of protein.  Made with apple juice concentrate.  Contains Sucrose and Coconut Oil and Sodium Citrate
  • H  – Contains just the 3 grams of protein.  Contains Dextrose and “Fractionated” Coconut Oil as well as Beeswax Coating and Starch.

Appearance and Feel:

  • BP – Soft and squishy, translucent with textured details that make it looks like each piece of candy has fur on its little belly
  • H – Slightly sticky, firmer, and heavier

Initial Aroma:

  • BF – On opening the bag, there is a strong artificial fruit aroma.
  • H – No discernable odor.


  • BF – There are three varieties – Red, Orange, Green, and Yellow.  There is very little difference in the taste of each.
  • H  – Same four varieties with less of a difference between the orange and the yellow colors.  As far as taste, the orange variety has a distincly more fruity, orange flavor.  Overall, the taste of these are more subtle than the BF brand.


  • BF – Soft with very little chew.  Very malleable and juicy.
  • H  – A bit more substantial.  Lasts longer in the mouth.


  • BF – Satisfying texture and bolder taste with a dash of Vitamin C
  • H – Classic taste and texture, but ultimately more junk food than serious confection.


Black Forest Gummy Bears