Dream: 1/22/99

Mom is trying to turn down the stereo because it’s too loud.  She’s using the remote, only hitting the opposite button, so instead is turning it up.  Meanwhile, I am trying to turn it down at the machine itself.

She says to me, “I’m trying to turn the music down!”  I get up and take the remote.  She’s still giving me a hard time, so I’m sitting there stewing and trying to suppress the urge to throw the remote, though I don’t want to break it.  But the urge is too great and I hurtle it as hard as I can.  It flies into some crystal on a shelf, sending it crashing into fragments and bits on the hard floor.

I’m immediately penitent.  But now, everyone is angry at me.  Scott is particularly vocal and for some reason I blow out some candles that are nearby, pick one up and shove the hot wick into his chest.  Then I start to wander around the house, looking for a step ladder to use to clean off some of the fragments off the shelf, to clean up my mess.  I seem to remember that Grandma told me where it is, so I start to go to the attic, which is accessed by first going up and down these strange stairs that I really can’t remember ever seeing in the waking world.

But what I find in this attic is, instead of a step ladder, an old woman, the sight of which, startles me and gives me the chills.  The woman is there and no reference to her or no attention has been paid to her the entire time by our family.  She is obviously very old, and her legs are hidden by a thin blanket.  She has white hair and large, alien-like blue eyes.

I’m trying to avoid waking her but it’s too late.  She realizes someone is in the room with her.  I start heading back down the stairs, away from her, but she sits up and looks at me and I hear her utter words that creak from her… “just bones? You mean just bones?” And then she lies back down.

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