Our Mini-Totalitarian Society

What’s great about what we have is that anyone with enough gumption can establish a mini empire and Lord over a group of people. What fun to have the power to tell others what to do at whim! And they say slavery is dead in America. Pish-tosh!

All you need is enough Capital and you can have slaves you don’t even need to house. Some call them ‘exempt employees’. Sure they can leave at any time, but really, can they? I think we have successfully labeled the runaway slaves ‘job hoppers’ and squelched their pay sufficiently.

It’s a wonderful system… a new feudalism, really. They own nothing but we call them ‘home owners’. Home is where the heart is, right? As long as we pipe the moving pictures into their eye sockets and keep them otherwise entertained or, better still, drugged, all is well.

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