One Half

to the left, a little to the left–there – ahhh!

in our time?  I don’t really think it’s possible

and now they get back together and it seems like it’s just all for money

freedom is not about what you do, but how you think

that’s funny — I thought I left it right there

He said that he wanted to tell you me about a “business opportunity”

she’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes

He was just lying there in the bathroom, maybe asleep

right there in the basement

we’re out of scotch tape again

in all my years I’ve never seen someone look out of both eyes at once

did you see…?

It’s strange when so many people can get together and all they do is just stare

birds, and trees, and leopards, and elephants, and there’s one–I thought I saw it

um, yeah, I guess it is

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