A Reasonable Proposal

 The key to solving Virginia’s transportation crisis is very reasonable.  Shut down the roads.  Shut them all down.  This would encourage personal responsibility for all Virginians.  Instead of paying taxes to keep vehicles, which only pollute the air, operating on state-funded roads, shutting down the roads would encourage good old-fashioned exercise.  Walking or biking to where you need to go would become the new trend.  Obesity rates would plummet.  Heart attack incidents would drop.  People would be more in touch with the people who live around them since they would have few opportunities to travel away from their community.  They could walk along the paths laid by the old road system and converse with their fellow citizens about the events of the day as they go about their business. 

Government’s role in these communities could be to provide air lifted food drops while communities transition to the new transportation-less paradigm.  Education would only be necessary insofar as people would need to know enough to grow their own food and to defend themselves from other communities who tried to raid their supplies. 

Every year thousands of people are killed or injured using our current system of transportation.  Every day ordinary citizens choose not to buy things they cannot afford.  We want to keep our citizens alive and we do not have the money to maintain our current transportation system.  Shutting down the roads makes the most sense for all Virginians.


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