Our National ‘Debt’

The newest pet idea from the stupids is that our country must not spend money on things that it is not prepared to pay for right away. I’m not an award-winning economist, but if I was, rather than trying to scare Americans with the amount of the Federal budget deficit, I would be focusing attention on the deficit as a percentage of our country’s GDP.

The problem, of course, is none of the stupids are economists either and willfully ignore every principle that we have been operating under for the past fifty years. Suddenly, we can’t do anything because the deficit is too big, the federal government is too large, the states should have more power. Never mind that it is the Federal Goverment that has complete control over monetary policy and, get this… prints money. That’s right. What state prints money? None.

The point is, you spend money on what you need. Money is a means to an end. They say the love of money is the root of all evil. More so, the nonsensical focus on the ‘debt’ of the federal budget as if the country’s fiscal policies are identical to a family’s household is the root of all obstructionism. The fact is, the deficit is not the problem. The utter unwillingness of the stupids to confront the reality that their current political approach is dominated only by willful ignorance and blind faith in magical thinking.

The U.S. Federal debt has absolutely no resemblance to the ‘debt’ of a family budget. Those who do not understand this should not be engaging in a conversation regarding the subject. I would go so far to say that the current group of idiots who are using this non-issue as a means to obstruct substantive policy discussions are shirking their responsibility to their constituents and are colluding with anti-American elements that have stated they do not believe in the U.S. government. This is nothing short of treason.


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