The Radical Republicans

Newt Gingrich, an intellectual midget and rabble rouser, a political loser, and a part of the nearly defunct GOP, has stated that President Obama is the ‘most radical’ President we have ever had.

I believe Mr. Gingrich is intellectually challenged because his definition of ‘radical’ seems to strain the meaning of the word. I also have read his work and found it wanting. He is a rabble rouser, hoping to stir up support for his lost cause by appealing to the bigots and the anti-government nut-cases.

It’s called the lunatic fringe and the GOP strategy is to hope against hope that the anger they can induce in the braindead will catch on. It won’t. The only thing that they are succeeding in doing is proving once and for all that they have no interest in governing the United States of America and bringing the hideously un-engaged (politically) and uneducated out of the woodwork to prove that, at their heart, the Republicans are not the party of ‘no’ but the party of goof-ball ideology.

Trying to erase hundreds of years of constitutional law by taking an ill-advised anti-federalist stand in an economic climate where states are struggling to meet needs of citizens shows they are grasping at straws to find an identity that resonates. It doesn’t.

The whining of the privileged class at the remotest possibility that they will have to pay more in taxes is old. No one can help that intelligent people don’t rush to devise great ideas for the Republicans and they are left with stupid economic theories that have been proven deader than dead wrong.

If Newt Gingrich (remember the ridiculous “contract for America”), Fox News, Bachman, Palin, Rush, and Beck are the best they can do, well… it’s too bad. We need more voices and a variety of ideas. The GOP is producing only a broken record of anti-intellectualism, knee-jerk macho-ism, blatant bigotry, and corporatist gibberish.


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