The South Will Rise Again

The current Virginia Governor, Ronald F. McDonald (I may have spelled that wrong), a member of the soon-to-be-defunct ‘Republican’ party, has declared April ‘Confederate History’ month. This is akin to Germany declaring a month in honor of the nazis.

Nothing is more pathetic, though, then a defeated ideology hanging onto the hope, in abject frustration, that somehow, someway, the tide of history will wash back and Scarlet will find Terra in renewed glory.

The U.S. Civil War was a huge mistake for Southerners, from which many states that rebelled have never fully recovered (lo the great economic and cultural juggernaut that is Alabama). For all the rancor that McDonald’s administration raises about ‘states’ rights’ and purist constitutional principles, Virginia is, in fact, a host state to the Federal Military arm. Its Capitol is dominated by national banking and energy interests (including the Federal Reserve). It has many great attributes, but being one of several failed Capitols of a foreign country, is certainly not one of them.

The lives lost and the ‘sacrifice’ made by those who senselessly fought in the Civil War should not be glorified. It is an age that should not be heralded as representing some lost, idyllic, time. The Sons and Daughters of those that lost their lives in that war, on both sides, are long dead. Those that cling to this sad chapter in our history do so out of what appears to be blatant racism.

I do not excuse those who practice blatant racism on other sides. There are plenty of nationalists, supremacists, and rabble-rousers all over. White, black, brown, purple, red, ginger, gay, straight, blah, blah, blah. These need to fade into our collective vocabulary as meaningless terms.

We are all Americans. We have bigger fish to fry than dwell on such a stupid era of incivility.

As for Ronald McDonald, perhaps he needs to stick to flipping burgers.


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