Thoughts On The Economy

If you want to create more jobs, here are some ideas (some more plausible than others):

* Pass the Fairer Labor Standards Act. (FLSA II) This law would require double time for all work over 40 hours for all jobs. Period.
* Same idea only reduce the current FLSA standards from 40 hours to 30 hours.
* Levy a tariff on corporations that operate in the U.S. at a rate of $500 for every worker that they employ outside the U.S. That money then has to be used by the gov’t. for job training programs and student aid that would be targetted at those entering critical fields like medicine and engineering.
* For government jobs, cut all manager pay by 15% and use that money to hire more line workers.
* For private sector, cap executive pay at a percentage of total payroll. Make this a federal trade law applicable to all corporations operating in the U.S.
* Bring back secretaries. Male and female ‘admin assistants’ these days do much more than secretarial work. Hire people to read and sort through e-mail, establish electronic filing systems, and do the work that professionals now have to be burdened by.
* Relax laws on the hiring of domestic labor.
* Legalize and regulate cannibus and sex work.
* Encourage more small scale farming in suburban and urban areas (commercialize the rooftop garden idea).

These are but a few ideas.


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