Spent most of the day switching between March Madness and Congressional coverage. I was sorry to see Maryland lose, which was the very last team in which I had some vested emotional interest. My parents both hail from Glen Burnie, MD. (Dad, an Air Force brat, less so, having been born in my Grandma’s hometown of Brooklyn – he lived everwhere).

Hope loves politics so the big health care debate was great theater. I was hoping the Republicans would pull their guns on the House floor and try to take over on national TV. Or at least a fistfight. They really should have proxy battles in a steel cage match. The proceedings bored even me. I usually can find something interesting. When the most exciting thing to see is protesters yelling names (or Congressmen doing the same), you get the feeling that a playground fight would be more exciting.

She and I have determined that one of our retirement activities will be making craft clocks. You can get the movements from Ben Franklin. It would be fun to make interesting clocks. She loves clocks. She’s out of work now and has been trying to rejuvenate her collection (that I’ve been meticulously ignoring – though I used to humor her and try to keep up with them all during the yearly hour change). Batteries are now in short supply as we have fifty-five clocks that all needed them.

Anyway, I make these little colorful horizontally striped paintings that would be a nice sales item at some craft shows along with the clocks. I even thought I could take a few of the paintings (I work on small canvases) and makes clocks out of them.

Just an idea. I could be doing book tours, music tours, something like that by then. It’s not like it’s right around the corner. Then again, do we need to wait for retirement?

Answer: not really. I guess sitting around all day at a craft show is just something I imagine would be more enjoyable when retired.


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