Journal Post – July 16, 2006

Sunday Out

Saw ‘A Scanner Darkly’, a Rotoscoped film by the King of Rotoscope, Richard Linklater, based on a short story by Philip K. Dick.  His first film using this method was ‘Waking Life’ which was sort of a hit parade of various ordinary people talking about their own personal philosophy, the world, life, and other matters in that vein.  The technique, though, is basically taking filmed material, running it through a computer and doing some animation work to make the whole thing take on a cartooned aspect.

‘A Scanner Darkly’ is about the war on drugs and corporate contracting of government services run amok.  The corporation with the government contract to incarcerate drug users and dealers is growing the plants that make the drugs.  The corporation called ‘New Path’ creates the supply of criminals (via the government criminalization of non-sanctioned narcotics) and, all too conveniently, provides the solution.  The highly addictive and brain-rotting drugs that New Path trickles down to street level get in the hands of every bored, depressed, over-worked, over-tired, and sleep-deprived lower middle-class citizen.

After the film, hit the Galaxy Café.  It’s a version of a world I love so much, that vision from the 50’s of what the future would look like, with the sleek surfaces, the overt outer space references.  Out of seven classic sci-fi film posters on the wall, I own three of the films on VHS.  Yes, I am a complete geek. You haven’t figured that out yet?  They are:

Forbidden Planet (featuring Robbie the Robot from the ‘Lost in Space’ TV show).

The Day The Earth Stood Still (repeat after me – ‘Klaatu barada nikto’)

War of the Worlds

Then it was birthday shopping, splurging on myself with some help from a $20 Barnes & Nobles gift certificate from the Chaz Man.

Some stuff I picked up:

Mojo – July Issue

Big focus on Thom Yorke of Radiohead.  Interview on Radiohead, plus an extensive review of his new solo album plus reviews of all their new live songs that have yet to be recorded and may never will be.  (They currently have no record contract).  Includes CD compiled with material by and like soul-funk great James Brown.

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch

The Man in the High Castle

Two novels by Philip K. Dick.  This adds to my collection, which consists of ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ (Blade Runner was adapted from this novel) and ‘Radio Free Albemuth’, which I read for a Freshman year college class called ‘Colloquium:  Grokking the Bug-Eyed Monster, Speculative and Science Fiction’.  My own story, ‘Why to Buy the 3521 Plymouth Sun-Hopper’ was born out of an assignment from that class.

Global Underground 10: (Various Artists – Special Edition 4-CD Compilation of Dance Music)

Comes in a velvet red box that reminds me of the type that old vinyl compilations came in back in the day.  Dance music akin to electronica.

Loony Tunes:  Golden Collection Volume 3.

Four DVD’s filled with my favorite Saturday Morning cartoon.  Could anything be better?

A bunch of other CDs, which I got used from Plan 9:

Queen’s Greatest Hits

A find.  This is essentially the same Greatest Hits album that my brother bought when I was in Middle School on vinyl.  There a few songs added, but the original album and this one has the song ‘Flash’ on it (my least favorite as a kid), but it’s a rare version that only existed on the single version of the song, which is likely, deservedly out of print.  But it’s funny when you can’t find something how much you want it.  In this case, it wasn’t the actual song I wanted, but to complete that particular collection since for the longest time it was out of print.  I actually bought the ‘Flash’ soundtrack (awful, awful) to recreate the set prior to finding this gem.  There was a rumor going around in college that I was a big Queen fan.  No more so than anyone else who grew up listening to classic rock.  I mean, who doesn’t like ‘Another Bites the Dust’ or ‘Under Pressure’ (prior to Vanilla Ice stealing the bass line).


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