Out The Door

Well, folks, this version of Swatting At Flies has met its usefulness and is slated for demolition. All content found here has been transferred to http://www.swattingatflies.com, a full-blown, WordPress-powered blog, with all the bells and whistles that my own domain provides.

So, within the next few weeks if you’re still reading this, you won’t be, because it will be gone.

Now I know it sounds sad, but it’s going to be OK… the new blog looks so much cleaner and nicer and all the words are exactly the same. You can visit it anytime and it will be your new best friend. So, don’t worry. You don’t need blogger… except of course if you would like to visit The Silence Bureau’s blog page at http://www.thesilencebureau.blogspot.com. That would be a nice visit. Have some tea. Watch a nice movie. Maybe chat a bit… maybe play cards… I hear they are very nice there and they even have Parcheesi… that’s a fun game…. why I remember when I was young… or was that Yahtzee? I get those games confused… Anyway, what I was saying was…