Real Life

Comment found at, a slightly bawdy send-up of religion, mainly (obviously) Christianity. Although the website is a joke, the comment is quite serious:

It is not okay for people to believe in Bullshit, when people DIE because of the Bullshit. If I believed MAGIC would cure my son’s cancer, and refused life saving scientific medical treatment – I would be a NUT and a murder of my son.
There is no difference between believing in MAGIC, and PRAYER or GOD.
It is pretend BULLSHIT.

People need to grow up and start believing in REALITY.

There is a whole REAL world out there ready to be discovered and embraced and explored. It does not have demons or angels, heavens or hells, nor Gods nor Devils. It is just real.

The only evil in the world, is what Man does to Man… & Man usually commits evil against Man, in the name of religion.

It is time for Man to evolve to the next level and abandon things that are Pretend.
It is time to embrace, the Real.

Left by Golden Ratio on March 7th, 2009

I quote this now because I believe I am more and more in agreement. I used to believe that faith in the unreal, the ‘spiritual’ is a sign of goodness, a sign of someone who is seeking the truth. I am far more of the opinion now that this approach has more the effect of anesthetizing individuals to real life. It’s a coping mechanism.

What is ‘real life’? To distill it down into a philosophy for living, I would say that ‘real life’ is choosing your actions willfully rather than passively. Rather than simply allowing impulses and influences to rule you, take your education, your experiences, your knowledge, and keep learning and keep experiencing and keep educating yourself every day.

Find out what you’re good at and do it productively. Stop wasting your time. Enjoy your leisure for the rejuvenating time that it is. Stop running on the hamster wheel of life and pretending it’s OK to torture yourself.

‘Real life’ is ups and downs. Its elation and disappointment. But it also is enjoying a simple sensation or none at all, just being in the moment. Your life is long and when it ends, it will end. You will never know anything after that point. You will never even know that you are gone. Wake up and experience what is now.

Prepare for the future? Yes, of course. Be smart. There is no need to hasten death, but you are responsible for yourself. If you want to believe that God gives you certain sixth sense powers and angels take care of you and that you are going to die and go to heaven, think about what the underlying causes of these thoughts are. Are you really simply coping with events and things that you cannot control? Are you really looking for answers to unanswerable questions?

Instead of trying to rule the universe vicariously through belief in God, why not learn a new language or learn to play an instrument or walk in the park or get some fresh air some other way. This lust for power that everyone has that they have to attach their ego to ‘The Almighty’ is a puzzle. You have all the power you need. Take it and wield it with responsibility. And enjoy yourself for a change.

Stop striving for the ever-illusive ‘perfection’ and enjoy the variety that is inherent in living.


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