Just What is ‘Treason’?

To question and openly debate issues when you have an honest disagreement with your political opponent is not treason. To oppose war, in enacting a pacifist philosophy is also not treason. To raise your voice to air your grievances against government policies in our American system of free and open speech is not treason.

But to openly call for the failure of a sitting American President, to organize others of your political philosophy to openly oppose elected officials in demagogic, egotistic hysteria for what amounts only to personal gain, this is treason and should be recognized as such.

Again, speaking your mind and attacking specific policies while advocating a different course of action is one thing, but to wish for the American government to fail, simply because it would be beneficial for your point of view, is the epitome of what is to be anti-American.

I am very open to free speech of all kinds. I disliked many of the Republican policies of the last eight years and the twelve years prior to Clinton, actually. I believe everyone should be able to have their say about specific policies and specific ways they think the government can do a better job. But, simply stating that you want our government to fail so that you can look like less of a loser than you are is simply treason and, worse, sheer stupidity.

Rush Limbaugh should be jailed and tried for treason. He has baited the federal government into such an action with his obvious, blatant position against America. At worst, he should be executed. At best, he should be deported. But what country would take him?

The only reason I would ignore him is a) he is irrelevant b) it would only make him a martyr in the eyes of his mindless horde of followers. That said, at some point the anti-American corporatist right wing of the Republican party needs to be dismantled. If I were the Republicans I would be working on that very quickly right now. That is their last hope of remaining a viable political force in the future.


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