The Conservationists

From Professor Chaos:

“What Republicans seek to ‘conserve’ is their power and privilege over the little people — i.e. you and me. It all comes back to a calculation of ‘my big government is better than your big government, but if the other party is in charge then make sure to cut me in on the booty.’  The whole project of a federal government is a gigantic scam. The Federalist Papers warned us against such folly, but it seems that we were unable to avoid betraying the founding fathers as well as ourselves.

So while the members of the two-party, DC duopoly in our nation’s capital go to cocktail parties and mock the silly ‘little people’ (you know, us), Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are spinning in their graves.

The Democrats may have no ideas other than those which they inherited from Stalin, but the Republican party continues to simply make it up as they go along. Whatever keeps them in power seems to be their only modus operandi, which is worse than pathetic for what was once the party of ideas.”


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