Trojan Hobby Horse

Trojan Hobby Horse

The back catalog remastering project continues with ‘Trojan Hobby Horse’, a 17-track song cycle exploring the many facets of that four letter word associated with the recent holiday. From innocence, longing, and loss, these alternative pop songs come right out of a parallel universe where Ian Curtis is still alive, writing naive love poems. Originally recorded in the early part of 2000, this newly remastered collection contains:

1. Paradox Fiend
2. A Single Kiss
3. Before You
4. Feline Whim
5. Blinded
6. The Crazies
7. All That Could Ever Be Said
8. Seasonal Love
9. Super Lust
10. Yearn
11. Friends In Need
12. Id
13. Too Good To Be True
14. Outside The Dream
15. Triple Agent
16. Sorrow
17. Without You

Bonus: Before You (Instrumental)

Download this album at an affordable rate (free!) here.

‘Trojan Hobby Horse’ is the third illustration of the Bureau’s ‘Noise Furniture’ principle.


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