Sketches + Suggestions

In 2002, Jeff Fowler locked himself in a studio for the weekend with three accomplished jazz musicians, none of whom, for legal/contractual reasons can be named here. The result: ‘Sketches + Suggestions’, a jazz tour de force featuring Fowler on piano. These tracks have never seen the light of day until now. Mixed and Mastered at Jousting Studios, at Bureau HQ, these 16 jazz tracks run a variety of moods, from cagey to sublime:

1. Her Nerves
2. Tentative Decisions
3. Secret Multiple
4. Appeal to Reason
5. Why Take It Away
6. You Told Me But I Wouldn’t Listen
7. She May Never Have Known
8. Breaks All These Things
9. Something Lost Forgotten
10. For A Better Day
11. Another Night On The Moon
12. Fair and Square
13. End of Our Rope (Found)
14. You Will Try
15. Crazy Midnight Dreams
16. Bliss

The above opening statement notwithstanding, all songs were composed, performed, recorded, engineered and produced by Fowler in 2002. Final production and mastering was accomplished last night using Acoustica Premium Edition (with Voxengo .vst plugins).

All sounds were, in fact, made solely using a Roland KR-577 Intelligent Piano (yes, even the drums which were recorded ‘live’, not sequenced).

Download Sketches + Suggestions free of charge here.


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