The Law and You

If you have enough money or are in the right position to file a suit in court, you can create any kind of reality that you wish as long as journalists are stupid enough to publish it. The tide of public opinion can sway to and fro, depending on who can fill enough reams of paper. Then the talk show pundits and bloggers can have a field day.

Reality: filing a suit does not mean anything at all except somebody wrote some words on a paper and had enough conviction/political will to file it in one of the 1,000’s of courts of law in our great country.

I suppose it is comforting in a way to know that anyone in the world can be put on the defensive if someone has the money to hire an attorney who can pose it in a reasonable way. Of course, counter suits can prevail as well, but people with a certain political agenda can use the courts as a continual weapon to push their way of thinking.

Now I do not wish to curtail the freedom of the press or prevent people from availing themselves of the court system, but I believe belligerent suits (such as linking people to terrorism with no real evidence) should be closely watched. I am also an advocate for a better educated public regarding what is and not significant in our court systems. Remember: consider the source of the core information. Not always easy to decipher, I know.


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