Finding Lost Children

The strange thing about creativity is that often I find I have to rediscover pieces I have finished, set aside, and completely forgotten. I record under the moniker “The Silence Bureau” (see and I am fortunate to have a home studio. With instant access to recording technology (that has grown more and more sophisticated over the years) I often will find more joy in working on something and moving on then dwelling on just what to do with it. So it is with 45:48, a live ambient piece I actually recorded outside my studio. Probably what made me forget this piece was the circumstance surrounding it. I recorded it as a rehearsal for a live performance I was to do on NTNS radio, an internet radio show, formerly hosted by John Ingram ( It was a proof of concept piece where I set up a limited amount of my equipment down in my den, hooked up to a CD recorder and did it all in one take. I never made it to the performance. The day of the show, my wife was in a car accident. A truck rear-ended her Honda Civic, that she hadn’t had for even a year yet. I had to call John from the hospital to tell the bad news. That was early 2006.

With some recent work I’ve done unearthing other past works of mine, I was hunting around and found 45:48 (a title I just derived from its length). It’s just one long ambient track, sometimes haunting, sometimes humorous, sometimes startling. I will have to work on getting it mastered and posted to the Bureau website. So out of touch I was, though, that this even existed was I posted a whole new ‘complete’ discography of my work to date, leaving it off entirely.

Oh well. It will stay off the list until the next release goes up. Of course, during this process I also discovered at least six finished tracks that have seen the light of day here and there (appearing on ‘Extras’ tracks as incentive to buy the album back when I was releasing my work through John or posted to various outlets such as Soundclick and MySpace), but have since never appeared on any currently available Bureau release. It’s like finding a son or daughter you sort of knew about and have now realized ‘oh it’s you’ and being suddenly interested again in doing something with them.


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