Christian Nihilism

Obama was right. People cling to religion and guns because, for many, that’s all they have. It’s not an insult. It’s a fact. And it’s a sad fact when the best scenario people can hope for is Armageddon (mass death) and the Rapture (the end of the world).

Poor Biblical interpretation, sadly, is not a solution. The result is an end game reliant on utter societal failure.

But, if we can seek out better approaches for ourselves, we can escape spiritual nihilism and get involved with living life.

This means:

1) Examining your own beliefs. If you don’t know why you believe what you do, if you have no rational basis for the things you think, then you probably don’t actually believe what you think you believe. Take more time to examine your true beliefs. Knowing yourself is a good way of starting.

2) Treating people with respect. You don’t have to like someone to respect them. Respect means being civil and knowing how to agree to disagree. Nobody is above needing to compromise to get along with others.

3) Continuing to learn. The best education is knowing how to teach yourself what you need to know. And the more you learn, the more you find to know.

Wishing for the end of time is not a stable philosophy. It is anti-social and destructive to yourself and all of your relationships. In place of that failed philosophy, here’s hoping you can find a more positive outlook.


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