Let Them Sink

American automakers, often referred to as ‘The Big Three’ (General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford), are looking for $25 Billion and more to bail them out due to decades of inept management. For years, these automakers have built cars that are sub-par and built for obsolescence. There is a reason that people who want a good car buy Honda, Toyota, Mazda or, for those who can afford it, BMW and Mercedes. These cars last longer, require less major fixes, and

The Big Three want to use the current economic situation as a lever to gain an upper hand on their rivals who have kicked their butts in the market place for the last twenty years. These companies need to declare bankruptcy like all failed companies do and we need to forcibly remove the giant ‘sacred cow’ sticker off the nameplates of each of these automakers.

Yes, it will hurt a lot of people, but it will hurt more to delay. Giving $25 Billion would only be a good idea if we were to nationalize the industry and make it directly accountable to the American taxpayers. Then, emission standards, safety standards as well as energy innovations, smaller cars, and smarter transportation solutions could be reliably part of our future. Otherwise, more money spent on the same old ideas will only prove that we have a current Congress full of suckers.


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