Note To Sarah Palin

The First Amendment means that the government cannot curtail your free speech. Anyone who wants to challenge your ‘free speech’ also has the freedom to do so. So, you cannot expect that you get a free pass to say anything you want and have it go unanswered.

You have every right to raise any issue your pretty little head can think of, regardless of how bad it sounds or how baseless your accusations. However, you also have to expect everyone, not just press pundits, to challenge your thinking and call you out when you completely get it wrong. That’s freedom of speech.

Face it; the age of senseless attack politics is over. People are too smart to fall for it. In the age of the internet, we can look up the facts and see past your phoniness.

And here’s what’s really going to hurt: being white and pretty no longer means you automatically get people to vote for you. You have to earn it. You haven’t.


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