Racial Terrorists and How To Deal With Them

There is a simple solution to rid our country of hate crimes and those whose minds are smaller than drops of the common blood that flows through all of our veins. The newly expanded power of government when it comes to law enforcement and military intelligence will be effectively applied to those who think they can intimidate others with their racial prejudices and ‘South will rise again’ mentality.

Treat racists as enemy combatants and give them a one way ticket to Guantanamo Bay. Since these domestic terrorists have declared war on American citizens, they 1) have revoked their own rights as citizens 2) have declared war against the United States. They should not only be treated as enemy combatants but also as traitors. The death penalty is too good for these who have wrought hate on America for generations.

It is time for America to excise this foreign power, this neo-Confederacy from the Union forever. Thanks to the handy tools that GOP Imperialism has supplied, we can now destroy the common enemy of both parties.


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