Revolution Now.. or not.

Let’s not just tax the rich. Let’s round them up and put them in the meat grinder. They have used their wealth to keep America down. We can do without them. Let’s feed their carcasses to the starving people in Africa. No… of course I don’t mean that. The Africans would be poisoned, of course, by the putrid flesh of these rancid jackals.

For the corporate hogs who have shipped our jobs overseas. For the corporate hogs who don’t pay working Americans a living wage. For the corporate hogs who pay themselves 364 times more than the average worker. I say round them up and lock them away forever. Let them eat each other to survive. They don’t deserve mercy. They deserve to suffer like the dogs they are.

Ok, ok… ok… you’re right.. I sound angry and divisive in the words above. I also mix metaphors by calling the wealthy jackals, then hogs, then dogs. Really, that’s unfair to those animals who have really not done anything to deserve to be associated with these unspeakably bad excuses for human beings.

Oh, but you’re right.. every wealthy person couldn’t possibly be in this category, so you know, I take it all back. Let’s tax the middle class more and keep pumping money into wealthy pockets so they can continue their racist agenda and keep ordinary Americans down. Let’s just keep that plan going and see where it goes. Pretty soon we won’t need to worry about learning Spanish. It will be Chinese.

Gosh darnnit, though, I really like the meat grinder solution, though. You betcha!!


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