Religion and Politics

In thinking, though, about the subject of religious values and politics, I am reminded that one of the founding principles of the United States is religious freedom. This makes politics a distinctly different pursuit from religion. I believe this is a natural separation rather than ideological. The idea that politics, religion, and common sense work together is difficult. Religion is a matter of spirit and faith. Politics is a matter of persuading people to certain ways of thinking. Meanwhile, government is about public policy decisions that simultaneously contend with both religious and political ideas. (Please keep in mind that government and politics are two separate things). Common sense, of course, is what people use to confront everyday practical matters. We hope that it rules out in the end.

Concerning the election I, like anybody, plan to vote for the candidate that seems to make the most sense in common with the way I think about the world. For some, though, that may mean they try to make their decision based on religious principles, thus the conundrum.


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