Political Bumper Sticker

I am a suburbanite living in an older, quasi-wooded community. Driving into my neighborhood today, I passed an nicely kept older BMW 325 with the above bumper sticker. Since I used to own a 318is (prior to it becoming not worth the cost of repair), I always noticed this little car since it belongs to some people who live right at the entrance to our somewhat cozy neighborhood.

I had noticed the sticker before, but did not actually notice it enough to read it until this morning. The size of it made me think it was something else, humor or a band or something. When I realized what it said, I had to laugh. Not because that it’s clever in any way. In fact, it’s probably the worst political bumper sticker I have ever seen. (I’ll explain why further along here).

The sticker is being offered by WorldNetDaily, the right wing answer to the National Enquirer. Too stupid to be actual journalists, they make up crap and sell it as news. Of course, leftists do this as well, but they actually do a better job at making their ‘news’ seem believable. But I digress.

The first problem with the bumper sticker above is that it doesn’t really come out and say much except that it’s mildly against Obama. It starts out weak using the word ‘avoid’. People try to avoid too much salt or they try to avoid carbs in their diet. It’s like they didn’t have the balls enough to make a bumper sticker that simply says ‘We Have Blind Hate For Obama’. I guess that would take up too much space.

Then, the rhyming ‘trauma’ with ‘Obama’ is, well, how to say it? Lame. It doesn’t really make much sense. It sounds like we may have some problem with Obama that perhaps requires therapy. And by belittling the idea of trauma it does a disservice to those who have actually experienced trauma in some way.

Overall, the sticker is not for anything and not particularly against anything in particular, except Obama himself, in a vague sort of way that leaves you wondering what the trauma is all about.

But what do you expect from the party of stupid. The party that brought us George W. Bush and now a washed up vietnam vet who has the intellect of, well…. Joe the Plumber (who, apparently wasn’t smart enough to even be licensed and also wasn’t smart enough to know that he can’t really hope to make $250,000/year owning his own little plumbing business).

Which brings me to the rant portion of this entry. The GOP has hitched its wagon to several failing ideas that are now proving utterly dumb. The first, is this idea that government can’t do anything and we need less of it. To steal a phrase from professional blowhard Bill O’Reilly, “I ain’t buying it.” Now, I don’t think government can solve all of our problems. It clearly can’t and private enterprise should be able to flourish to the extent possible without harming the society within, but to directly indicate that the government can’t solve anything, is just a stupid statement.

If we want the government to protect us from foreign powers who want to take us over and turn us into fundamentalist muslim zombies or whatever the heck we’re supposed to be afraid of these days… is it Communism again yet? Anyway, it we want the government to protect us, then we should have to pay for it. So, let’s say the only thing we want government to do is build a super strong military industrial complex that will create jobs and keep us safe from muslim communist zombies, well how are taxes bad? Should the military be accepting donations? I mean, it is an all volunteer force, but I think the volunteers need the non-volunteers to put up or be deported to an ‘unsafe’ country like, uh… Canada, or France… you know, one of those socialist nations who are a bunch of wussies.

Still, conservatives preach a ‘no taxation’ philosophy that belies the fact that government services cost money and citizens should have to pony up. But, they have latched onto a simple idea. In that way, they have been successful because most people understand simplicity. Even a five year old understands that they don’t want someone to take something out of their hand that they believe is theirs. And they are traumatized when somebody take it and tells them ‘no’. But, you know what? They grow out of it.


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