A Big Difference

The difference between the GOP and the Democrats is that members of the GOP can hardly understand any organization where its members would not be in lock-step agreement. Democrats, on the other hand, disagree with each other vehemently on many issues, yet manage to keep together a political party. That is, in fact, the nature of a Democracy. You hash out issues until you come up with a satisficing solution. Everyone sacrifices something to come up with a satisfactory solution that everyone can live with. By contrast, the GOP have a seniority system that pushes ideology down.

So when Democratic radicals talk crazy, Democrats who are more moderate tolerate the crazy more so than GOP tolerates its crazies. That is why GOP constantly talk about the ‘left wing’ and such as if the Democrats are this leftist behemoth. Well, we’ll see. The GOP have messed it up for everyone and themselves so much that we’re about to see if the leftists are that far left or not, because they will soon have carte blanche do what they wish with the government.

In the end, if the GOP stalwarts actually survive as a viable political party and are not rounded up and thrown in prisons around the country (a good idea), then I doubt they will survive with the same intolerant ideology. Remember the days of the ‘big tent’? So long ago…


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