News Making News

I am now convinced that there is nothing actually happening in the world unless the media is there covering it. This follows the philosophy that if a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to witness it, it doesn’t make a sound.

Well, in fact, I am not convinced of that at all. In fact, I find that 95% of the ‘news’ is not objective reporting, but simply ‘coverage’ of certain events that the huge corporations that own the companies that make the news want you to know about. Most of it centers around what other newsmakers are doing.

I am listening to CNN and a whole discussion erupts around how ‘the media’ will handle this issue or that issue (not going into details because it doesn’t make a difference) and all of the news stations pretty much follow the same exact stories, with no real depth of coverage. They seem more concerned with talking about themselves and being seen on camera ‘at the scene’ at the foremost than actually saying anything other than the obvious. It’s boring. I am not feeling informed. I am feeling like I’m being sold ideas about something that I can’t possibly know much about without someone else telling me. But these other people don’t have my best interests in mind. Instead, their agenda shapes what they tell me. I can’t possibly know what to believe unless I seek out three, four, five, or further news sources from a variety of mediums.

Journalists are not experts. Experts are labeled ‘contributors’ or ‘special correspondents’. Journalists simply take source information (primary, secondary, tertiary, and hearsay) and put it into digestable forms. Their lack of any real expertise doesn’t stop some journalists from trying to be part of the story. Especially when covering major storms, television journalists seem to think that the best way to show how strong winds are is to stand out in it. I’m sorry but people who don’t have enough sense to get out of the rain aren’t exactly sources of wisdom I’m going to respect. Sensationalism certainly gets attention and sells advertising, but that’s about the only function that ‘news’ outlets seem to have. Capitalism and propaganda. The news making the news.


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