A Fun Rant About Our Nation’s ‘Government’

The current government seems bent on manufacturing disasters to create a mega-government that takes over all of our lives. First, there was the Iraq war, which was obviously a colossal foreign policy mistake based on fraudulent information. Now we have this huge ‘economic crisis’ which is really nothing more than a market adjustment that is correcting an overinflated stock market, the same way the bubble burst for the tech sector, the housing market, and every other sector run by sheisters, con-men, and schemers. Nobody should be surprised when idiots fail.

Let’s face it. Overall, we are being screwed by powerful interests who want to suck us dry. They inflate prices, drop our spending power by deflating the value of the dollars, siphon off jobs overseas, and laugh all the way to the offshore banks where they keep all their money.

Do you honestly think that any of these corporate goons and political hacks that have been around forever honestly care about the American people? Sorry to burst your bubble, but they don’t. You’ve been had. They care about their own power and they’ll do anything and say anything to perpetuate it. Any good thing they’ve done for the country is largely accidental. The super-rich and powerful are in the shadows pulling the strings while we all focus on these talking heads on the idiot box who convince us they’re in charge. Give me a break. We’re all credit slaves in an economy designed to keep people running up the tread mill, constantly looking at the next guy or girl wanting what they’ve got never realizing that nobody really has anything, just a lot of debt and material possessions worth zip in the final analysis. Nobody is happy. Everybody is stuck and scared.

Reaction to Sarah Palin: are you insane????? This proves that anybody who can toe the line can be in public office. It proves that they’re running out of intelligent people who will do as they’re told. The GOP has run out of gas, almost literally. They are treading water and the only good part is that the true conservatives, the more libertarian of the GOP are gaining ground. The pompous religious right are fear mongers and lunatics who don’t even understand the true nature of the religion they espouse. They are materialists disguised as holy rollers who think God wants to buy them a Cadillac.

The Democrats? They lost a long time ago. They have absolutely no clue how to run a government. They are nothing more than a thousand pet ideas that have no business being shown the light of day. It is like a bunch of the worst philosophy professors in all the worst schools across the country all decided to have a field day. Rubbish-filled chaos doesn’t begin to describe how terrible these people are.

Power? The people in power? Sorry, they have no power. You can’t pass a law against gravity or logic. You can’t pass a law against the powers of human dynamics and natural social systems. These people are so stupid they think a law means something if it is, in fact, meaningless and unenforceable. These people are so stupid they think watching the Dow Jones Industrial Average has some objective meaning. It is utterly political and easily manipulated.

The secret is that people aren’t sheep. They simply ignore the stupid government because they have known for a long time that the elitist prats who sit in their grandiose offices do so for their own good and not the good of the general public. They pay themselves to govern permanently far beyond any constitutional mandate. Nobody is completely fooled just partly so.

Congress should meet once every ten years, just as any legislative body should meet as little as possible. Anyone who wants to run for office should be jailed immediately. It’s a self confession to wanting to steal our money. They have nothing to do but to invent fake interest in what they’re doing, because these people can’t stand not to have attention paid to them. They are a bunch of ego maniacs who deserve a solid kick in the tail. That should be the first thing that they put these idiots through when they are elected. Afterwards, constituents should be allowed to visit their office whenever they wish and give these ‘representatives’ and elitist senators a free kick in the tail.

Failure failure failure. They do not even pay attention to any solid issue that would have anything to do with reality. They deal in lies, distortions, and more lies. They deal in trying to control ever aspect of our lives and grab a buck from everything. They would tax air if they could. They would tax our digestive system if they could. They would put tolls on our colons so that every time we took a shit, we would have to pay a dollar to the government.

They are superbly clueless and couldn’t possibly be more unqualified to lead their own snot out our of their own nose when they sneeze. Their colossal failure proves one thing. Re-elect them. That’s right. Keep them in office. Because people who are that inept have no way to accomplish anything that could possibly hurt us. They’re only beating their heads against their own kind – Republicrat elites against Demublican elitists. They are two sides of the same coin. Their differences are rhetorical and theoretical. They are completely alike in one thing – they want power and they want to wield it over us and keep us in chains.

Trickle Down Voodoo

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that giving money away to rich people doesn’t guarantee that the money will go anywhere useful. People have a choice about where to put their money and they go where it’s best for them. If I have plenty of money, I may go overseas and put my money in somewhere that isn’t America.

So, that is both a good reason and a bad reason for giving tax breaks to corporations. Basically, the best bet is to invest in small businesses that aren’t going anywhere and ignore huge corporations that are entities unto themselves with no loyalty to America or anyone.

Big Bailout Extortion

Message to Congress: pay me $700,000,000 or I will ruin you. Yes, that’s right. I will ruin the economy by:

1) never buying a large screen TV
2) stop buying Coke or other cola-based products
3) never applying for another credit card again
4) never buying another American-made product again (do those exist?)
5) flushing all of my paper money down the toilet
6) throwing pennies into the Potomac River
7) never watching Fox News again
8) ignoring all advertisements, commercials and throwing away all ad mail as soon as I receive it (wait… I already do that) …

Watch this space: my ‘stock market’ is way down… that’s right… my Z&P lost 1,000 points (down from 4343434345114154 1/2.) And the derivative of the percentage of the investment of the stock crash black Thursday on the gibberish economy depression recession suggestion is crashing.

So don’t panic. It’s all a bunch of flim flam.

The Package

A trip to the mailbox.  As routine as it comes.

“I wonder what it has in store for me today”, he thought.  Not really.  He was thinking that his nose itched a bit.

He pulled open the metal covering.  He felt a momentary thrill.  It was a package!

Upon further examination, he saw it had no return address.  Odd.  Throwing any amount of caution that may have been warranted immediately away, he pulled the package open.  A clear, zip-lock bag was within.  The bag contained a number of photos. Family photos. People he seemed to recognize slightly.  With this was a handwritten, unsigned note ripped from a ruled, spiral-bound, three-punch-holed notebook. The note read:

“I found these in my file cabinet. They belong to you; so, I am returning them.”

He started to feel a slight bit of confusion, a tugging on his heart a bit.

“Should I know what this is about?” He asked himself.  The note continued…

“This is not a gesture of kindness, goodwill, interest, friendship, or anything of the like. Do not use this as an excuse/opportunity to communicate with me. I have no desire to have anything at all to do with you. That is why these are being returned.”

He looked at the package a few moments.  He re-read the note.  He thought he felt an odd trickle, perhaps a tear come to his eye.  Allergies only.  He sneezed.

After he blew his nose, he went to the next door neighbor.  Upon reviewing the address, he had seen that the package had been clearly delivered to the wrong house. He didn’t ask what THAT was all about.

Speeches and the Power to Lead

This is just a thought, of course, but I would like to submit to everyone following the politics of the day that justbecause one gives a good speech doesn’t mean a hill a beans about how one is able to lead.

That goes for Sarah Palin as well as Barack Obama.

So, my advice is that anyone who listens to a speech and is impressed, do some research and find out about the person. Look at their history, their votes, their experience. Then, make a judgment call.

A good speech is a prerequisite for consideration. It does not get you my vote.

Sarah Palin: Poltical Gimmick

If every woman in America decides that they are going to elect someone just because of their gender, the GOP have a good chance this election. The GOP have decided to see if they can take advantage of the lack of Hillary on the Democratic ticket. They are cynically betting on some kind of gender-centric backlash, as if women don’t have any other concern other than seeing someone of their own gender in power.

I hope that the GOP can stay a viable party in the future because I do not believe the Democrats have a lock on good ideas. I think governing requires competing ideas that eventually bring about a ‘satisficing’ set of solutions. Nobody should get everything they want in politics. If they did, it would create tyranny. Obama seems to understand this and has said that he will surround himself with a philosophical diversity to help him make important decisions. To what extent remains to be seen.

However, the GOP seems to have run out of ideas. Their policies, both domestic and foreign have proven ineffective. They seem incapable of understanding the global economy and the technology-fueled culture. They still seem to think that the internet is just a passing fad. McCain has admitted to being computer illiterate. His running mate is a cookie cutter social conservative who has nothing to add to the conversation about how to make America better. Pro-life. NRA-hugging. PTA-loving. All great if you’re into that kind of thing, but these things don’t point to substantive policies that will help most Americans find jobs or bring about real solutions. These are just sound bite issues that mean zilch to the majority of taxpayers.

I personally don’t want anyone to have an abortion. I personally believe that Americans should be able to own guns if they wish to protect themselves from both criminals and tyranny. I personally believe that the PTA is a good thing. Parents should be integrally involved in the education of their children. But I don’t vote on those issues because I’m smart enough to know that a politician’s stance on these issues are not going to put more money back into my pocket. They’re not going ensure I have a job in the future and be able to afford gas and food. They’re simply lifestyle aesthetics that indicate a certain general philosophy, but what does it get you?

News Making News

I am now convinced that there is nothing actually happening in the world unless the media is there covering it. This follows the philosophy that if a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to witness it, it doesn’t make a sound.

Well, in fact, I am not convinced of that at all. In fact, I find that 95% of the ‘news’ is not objective reporting, but simply ‘coverage’ of certain events that the huge corporations that own the companies that make the news want you to know about. Most of it centers around what other newsmakers are doing.

I am listening to CNN and a whole discussion erupts around how ‘the media’ will handle this issue or that issue (not going into details because it doesn’t make a difference) and all of the news stations pretty much follow the same exact stories, with no real depth of coverage. They seem more concerned with talking about themselves and being seen on camera ‘at the scene’ at the foremost than actually saying anything other than the obvious. It’s boring. I am not feeling informed. I am feeling like I’m being sold ideas about something that I can’t possibly know much about without someone else telling me. But these other people don’t have my best interests in mind. Instead, their agenda shapes what they tell me. I can’t possibly know what to believe unless I seek out three, four, five, or further news sources from a variety of mediums.

Journalists are not experts. Experts are labeled ‘contributors’ or ‘special correspondents’. Journalists simply take source information (primary, secondary, tertiary, and hearsay) and put it into digestable forms. Their lack of any real expertise doesn’t stop some journalists from trying to be part of the story. Especially when covering major storms, television journalists seem to think that the best way to show how strong winds are is to stand out in it. I’m sorry but people who don’t have enough sense to get out of the rain aren’t exactly sources of wisdom I’m going to respect. Sensationalism certainly gets attention and sells advertising, but that’s about the only function that ‘news’ outlets seem to have. Capitalism and propaganda. The news making the news.

Life Happens

I am a big supporter of people’s right to do as they please in their private lives, as long as it does not hurt other people and is otherwise legal. Not everyone shares this view. Some believe that the government has an interest in ruling over our sex lives and that somehow this aspect of our personal lives have an impact on the larger society, for better or worse. Other than overall birth rates, I completely disagree.

Between the two major political parties, Republicans time and time again seem compelled by their connection with religion to make a case for government intervention in everyone’s sex life. Here are the issues as I understand them:

1) abortion. Republicans have always differentiated themselves from Democrats by claiming the ‘pro-life’ side of this issue. The belief on the surface seems to stem from a ‘sanctity of human life’ philosophy. This is the idea that even at the most early stages, life is precious and should be preserved at all cost. Republicans, however, do not seem to maintain this philosophy once a baby is born and grows up. They support a dog-eat-dog domestic policy where only the strong survive. They reject social safety nets, more leave for families, and a living wage. Ultimately, their pro-life stance seems to be rooted more in a pro-alpha-male stance that forces women to bear children regardless of the circumstances.

2) sex education. Republicans seem to favor the idea that children should learn about sex only when they marry one another. Prior to this, they see no need for anyone to understand even basic facts about human reproduction, much less acknowledging that sexual curiosity and feelings occur at a much earlier age than the age most people would be ready to marry. Again, this is a pro-alpha-male stance which is action-oriented. The overall idea is that this type of activity is a waste of money. Basically, for everyone, their ‘abstinence’ message boils down to ‘sink or swim’ and ‘just figure it out’.

3) straight heterosexuality. Republicans view any sexual preference, orientation, or taste other than missionary position sex as deviant and contrary to God’s will. They view the enjoyment of sex as a perversion of God’s purpose for sex, which they believe is purely reproductive. Otherwise, sex is dirty and to be enjoyed secretly, furtively, and as something not to be discussed (lest their pure, wholesome wives find out).

4) sexuality in art. Consistent with their stance on these other issues, Republicans work to suppress depictions of explicit sexuality in art and culture. They view sex in this context as shameful, embarrassing, and lacking in artistic merit. In fact, they tend to discount any form of art they do not understand. Art and culture is not big on Republican’s agenda. After all, the only legitimate form of art, for them, is that which either supports their party, their politics, or their religion.

I believe that taking the stances above, on a basic level, have some merit, as personal choices. However, nobody wants someone else dictating what type of sex they are supposed to have or what kinds of entertainment they are supposed to enjoy. Most importantly, the Republicans core ideals that are consistently paternally focused fuel bigger public policy principles that take women out of a decision-making role in their own health and pursuit of happiness.

This is reckless and I would even go so far to say insane politics that focuses domestic policy on issues that should be ironed out in families, churches, or other more private social forums. What I have always found to be hypocritical is that Republicans constantly preach that government is the problem and that government should be limited. Yet they use government as a bully pulpit to enact their fascist views regarding sex. It literally makes no sense and serves only to take away energy from real issues that should garner more attention such as subsidies for large corporations, unfair tax policies, living wage policies, anti-trust issues in media, and other government regulation issues (for example, who is preventing further inflation of housing prices by the completely diabolical real estate industry? Answer: no one.)

The major difference that I see between the parties is that Republicans on domestic and social issues govern by ideals and Democrats tend to govern by realities. Indeed, life happens. Let’s plan for it.