Gadgets and their Cables

Got a new cell phone recently… it had been over three years since I upgraded with Verizon, so I had $50 towards a new one. I bought a eNV2, which is a slick little camera, text messaging, and gaming device, as well as a phone – a transformer of sorts. With a 2 Gig micro card it can really store a lot of 2 megapixel pics, a nice size for a device where taking pictures is a side functionality.

Of course, I like to be able to hook the gadget up directly to the computer to transfer stuff using a program called BitPim. This requires a cable. Verizon doesn’t sell this cable, since they would rather you text yourself the pictures for some reason (could it be that they make money on text messaging plans?) OK, well cynicism aside, I consulted Amazon to see if I could find something. I ordered a cable and that evidently is a normal gadget USB cable. I need a micro gadget USB cable. Whoops. So, I’ve ordered another cable from ‘’ or some such place (that’s not really it). Here’s hoping that does the trick…

The other stupid thing is that I couldn’t get the Smart Card reader I have to read my micro card on the upstairs PC… boo!


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