Afternoon at Panera

French onion soup with a chicken sandwich (I don’t remember which)… the soup and sandwich deal with green tea… like it’s green, the color… not sure if it’s actually really actual ‘Green Tea’. She had corn chowder and a sandwich and regular, unsweetened tea. She read the Richmond Times-Dispatch briefly while I wirelessly tapped into the internet with Panera’s Wi-Fi, hitting the CNN site, checking out the big news of the day… Edwards’ affair… peril in Georgia (WWIII anybody?)… and Bernie Mac’s passing.

Woke up to the news of some kind of stabbing in Beijing.. somebody related to to somebody having something to do with one of the American Olympics squad. And the news reported it like… oh boy, this puts a big stain on the grandeur of last night’s opening ceremonies. I’m thinking, uh… sorry somebody got stabbed, but does it really? I mean, seems like they are somehow completely unrelated. Stuff is going to happen. Good stuff. Bad stuff. Not sure what can be done about crazy people stabbing others people. Could it be some kind of stunt to try to discredit China? I’m not like a big China fan, but seems like a lot of people want to see them fail at this and I think that’s not a good attitude.

Ok, so this entry is chronologically out of order. Blame George Lucas for brainwashing me in my formative years with his idiotic space saga movies… consider the second sentence of this entry as a ‘prequel’ to the first.


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