New Super Technology

I recently bought a new laptop. Actually, two identical laptops… Inspiron 1525s. One for me and one for my wife. Sort of a his and hers type deal. No, I didn’t spring for the blue and pink colors. Actually, they look identical.

It’s amazing how much more productive and creative you can be when you have the proper tools. It took ages for my old laptop to even startup. It was created back during the dawn of civilization. They no longer create batteries for it. That’s how old it is. A Gateway Solo 5100 that I bought at a computer show for $350. Since then I had to replace the hard drive, install a new operating system, upgrade the memory, add a sound card, and now, finally, I gave up trying to get it to be a truly functional laptop. Without the battery, the portability is gone and what’s the point, if you can’t take your laptop with you to the Starbucks, Panera, mall… etc.

So far, so great. I have set up a wireless network here at the house and she and I can share files with the server upstairs (an old, but working PC that has been our central computer) and even print from downstairs to the printer upstairs. I also bought a laptop cooling unit to set the thing on. It plugs into the USB port for energy and has four USB ports attached. Right now I’ve got it plugged into the electric, but it’s nice to know it also is portable.

Other specs on this lovely piece of machinery: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T8300 @2.40 GHz. 4.00 GB of memory. 32-bit Operating System running Windows Vista Home Premium Edition. Two hard drives – 285GB main drive with a 9.76GB recovery drive. Plus DVD RW Drive.

Needless to say, it’s like I have jumped right into the 21st Century. Going so long tolerating super old equipment makes using this all the sweeter, like a huge weight lifted off my technological back. Oh yes, it’s a paltable feeling.

A lot more to come…


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