Government vs. The People

In a government ‘of the people and by the people’, the question boils down to – which people? We are under the illusion that every four years we are given a choice and we are then ‘led’ by these ‘leaders’ who ‘lead’ us towards some path, usually chosen by the issue of the day.

In reality, voting amounts to a branding exercise. You cannot underestimate the power of branding to sell ideas. This, in essence, is how people are led. They are led by their own idea of what the prevailing ideas mean.

Literary Nonsense Spam

I have always loved stream-of-consciousness writing. Images from intimate moments and scenes from random places meld together in a collage of words that evoke a sense of many things happening at once.

Today I read an email that I received – clearly spam – where the spammer has unsuccessfully programmed a conversation-like email generating program that makes you think you’re getting a message from a friend. Well, to me, the result, although sheer gibberish, is sheer computerized literary genius, from a stream-of-consciousness perspective. Surreal. I am claiming it as my own work, since I have rescued it from the electronic garbage bin and am publishing it here. Consider it ‘found’ art. Enjoy!

Thoughtless Passings

That night we had our last dinner together at a seafood restaurant near Aloha Tower. Yuki didn’t talk much, and nei­ther did I. I was sure I would drift off at any moment, mouth full of fried oysters, to join those skeletons in the attic. First, you have to tell me the truth. Did you honestly believe what I told you that time? Or were you just humoring me? Honestly, it’s the truth, I said. I don’t know, I said. They’re going to find out some time. So after doing your job here, you’ll take over the family business? I asked. Wait, one last thing. I guess you’ve been around all this time, except I haven’t seen you. Just your shadow everywhere. You’re just sort of always there. Is there anything I can do to help? I asked. All you have to do is wait,
I explained. Sit tight and wait for the right moment. Not try to change anything by force, just watch the drift of things. Make an effort to cast a fair eye on everything. If you do that, you just naturally know what to do. But everyone’s always too busy. They’re too talented, their schedules are too full. They’re too
interested in themselves to think about what’s fair. Well, okay then, lunchtime, announced Fisherman, soon as I hung up.

The Paradox of Forgiveness

The redeeming aspect of Christianity as a way of life is its philosophical core. That core is the idea that all evil be combatted with forgiveness. All other aspects – layers and layers of parallel theological, mythological, didactic, and religious representations – are all, basically, different forms of egotistic sectarianism.

But, forgiveness is different. Forgiveness is a way to egoless freedom and reconnection. Freedom for both forgiver and the forgived. It is a solution towards a different path, outside a linear cause-action-reaction time thread. It is not exactly moving back in time, but forgiveness allows the mind to discontinue its locked-in patterns. Therefore, it allows for a greater range of action, both in thoughts and movement. It reopens the world to possibilities.

The only way, however, for forgiveness to work is for both the forgiver and forgived to agree and accept the forgiveness, which explains why such little actual forgiveness happens.