Nonsense Poems

Nonsense Poems
for the Apathy Generation


Intensity of passion’s heat
Liquid rhyme from severed purpose
Hands failing to fulfill such hopes
Cannot see that forever is one day
And cannot taste a drop of sand
In your nose.


These words are all I have to see you with, my dear, she said. My what big eyes you have despite the fact that you never shared a word with your Uncle Felix who sits charred by the fire you set last Wednesday night without thinking (you never do) that gas explodes when you light a match. Where was your head? I ask you to put on some burgers for the fryer, but you couldn’t kiss a leaf if you bought a tree.


Seldom do we find a specimen with this integrity to tell all say all even if some of the shards tell one more thing, he said fondly without a large shake and a plastic cup too? When will your insistence on disobedient persist to the point of orange dots on your face? Here let me wipe them off for you. Were you ok back there? Or is that just saying you’re glad to see me? Maybe someday we can get a house by a lake somewhere where we can see the purples too. What do you say? Maybe they’ll be out dancing today? Who knows?


Glorification of this sort gets us caught with a tyrant who will not shut up his trap. This case, however, is different to the point of cozy custard sometimes drops from the sky if you can
find one. Usually they just sit, but if you’re careful, you may be able to kiss some warm ones with raisins are good if you like them but pastry sometimes melts in your mouth not in your crotch
is where the zipper is and when this happens you may want to call your local surgeon who specializes in such cases for he too is not immune to large cupcakes when baked separately in small plastic containers and a microwave batting practice at 365 degrees Fahrenheit full circle. What do you think, my friend? Is this really calling the trick or is Walden Pond coming to Aunt Em’s swimming pool or is the chlorine bothering you? Your eyes are red.


Were you thinking about buying that red balloon folks? I hope so. Rubber is inexpensive these days, especially when you think about how many are actually speaking to each other anyhow in
public. You know, if any of this gets out we could all be up that creek is not quite clear. Perhaps we need to add turpentine to this batch to make it a bit more loosely fitting clothes make
the man. Is that better? I hope the collar sees fit to tighten the grip on the screws of your hopes I think are seeping into a mist of glowing embers help the moist fish are swimming up stream
in this puddle. Look! Right here! They seem to be staring straight at you! Maybe they’re trying to say something peculiar seems to shake our safety pins hold up to the test of time only because snaps are so hard to install a car battery like this model when you have no earthly idea who he was or where he came from or how blood could’ve gotten on that pillow.


I’m not buying it, whatever it is. You keep the $50.00 and keep it to buy your crock pot if the price is right. I’m sick and tired at this time. I’m sorry gentlemen, but you have received ample notice of this long before now and it is time that we say goodbye to all our company. Do you see that little bit of comedy in his smile? Perhaps he wasn’t trying to mean anything by it at all. It could’ve been a tramp who just decided to throw a bottle through the window. Could be. Anything is possible. You saw that man the other day who could never keep his hat on straight even though certain sources indicate that you see certain people when you least expect a light bulb may last a longer time if you can manage to touch the switch off whenever you’re not in and even in the right seat, sir. I’m afraid you’ll have to move. Will Rogers? I haven’t seen him in ages. Maybe the man in back of me would like to stand up and I could replace him with profundity Geritol.


Ok, so those weren’t pimples. But in this light I’d have to say that even in this area I can have bad effects on him when he sees you alleviate you’re too bad when it comes to this sex business all of a sudden you think you can plug alarm clocks in the windows are in need of repair as well and I’m afraid all of it is going to cost us plenty, even if we can knead through the dough properly. This isn’t even what I asked for in a jury. I ask you, do you see this man? He is not a murderer. He’s just some tramp who threw a bottle through several windows, accidentally set fire to his Uncle, and got involved in a thing much bigger than any one of us could handle in better circumstances. Now let’s review that last question. Men who are seen somehow – don’t ask me why, just keep on doing what you’ve been doing. Some things are just more interesting when you really don’t know where they’re headed.


Rue these clams, sir! For these are not fish, but prepared by the same louse who stole my lint and copied his book report from a review of it in Time Magazine. I saw him microfilm that moist
fish seems to be moving as if it had no head to lean on. You think buyers could see turnips as a good investment? Maybe. But you can’t sell used cars without fishing in a stream of salamanders and live bait. You know that. Now go back to bed. Only this time, put some muscle into it. You can’t have everything, you know. The bigger the bear the higher the climb for such as these, I always say. Maybe if we hurry we can catch a small crab and then see if there is any candy left on the shelves. Or are you sure that was even his real name? I’m not convinced of any of what you just said.

(edit 4/12/92)


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