The Schizophrenia of Corporate ‘Ethics’ in American Culture

Schizophrenia is a term used for a specific mental disease. It can also be used as a metaphor for some of its symptoms. More accurately, the disease is multiple personality disorder, but ‘schizophrenia’ has more panache. Read the two terms back to back – ‘multiple personality disorder’, ‘schizophrenia’. Don’t you agree that schizophrenia is a jazzier, more fun word?

Corporations dictate American Culture. Clothing, music, and art are all bought, sold, marketed, disseminated, and spoon-fed to American consumers through the avenues of commercialism which are owned by Corporations.

There is nothing wrong with that. This is simply a statement of fact.

Yet, there are two great forces at work that are at total odds that, as a consumer, I see as affecting American Culture negatively. Those two great forces are Social Conservatism and Blatant Sexuality.

Social Conservatism has always suppressed sexuality. I do not believe that this is for religious grounds, as Corporations are not religious institutions nor do they espouse any spiritual ideals. Corporations have a single goal – make money. Either for stock holders or other owners depending on how they are arranged.

So why do Corporations wish to suppress sexuality? The ultimate Corporate goal is not to make money. Money is a means to achieve power. With power comes sex. If sex was readily available to anyone, without power, the goal of Corporations would become moot.

Now, this is a vast simplification, but it is based on truth. Corporations are managed by people and people need sex. One of the great motivating tools of the Corporation is providing power to those who do well. This translates to sex. Vastly more complicated than I have time for here, but that’s the idea. Sex is a motivating tool for the elite.

Sex ceases to be a motivating tool if it is readily available. Why are there laws against prostitution? We know that laws against prostitution are essentially meaningless, since they are completely unenforceable. If laws were made by reasonable men and women, prostitution would be regulated the way barber shops and beauty salons are regulated. Health inspections, licenses, etc. Of course, the only legal prostitition is embodied in some marriages, but that’s for another entry.

Corporations control the government and thus create the law. They need to preserve sex as a domain for the powerful to enjoy carte blanche. It is not enough to have the act of sex, it is to have the act of sex knowing that others cannot enjoy it in a particular way. It is the reason people enjoy rare vintages of wines and go to out-of-the-way, obscure beach resorts, and drive one-of-a-kind sports cars, etc…

Elitism. Everyone in American Culture, beyond the Corporation, wants to be an Elitist. That is the whole point of religion. That is the whole point of new and emerging genres of music. It is not enough to be punk, you have to be hard core or you have to be Emo, or you have to be retro new wave… essentially, there is absolutely no inherent value in any particular genre of music. There is no inherent superiority. There is nothing ‘new’ or truly exciting about these things. It is simply that few people are into it and the fewer the better. As soon as a majority of people get into it, it ceases to be ‘cool’ and we move onto the next fantastic form of music that no one knows about.

For religion, it is not enough to be Christian; you have to be Fundamentalist, you have to be in church every Sunday, every Wednesday night… you have to Believe in the Bible’s complete inerrancy, you have to join choir, Bible study, take advantage of every social opportunity and live a spotless life so that the Others don’t look down on you. Hopefully, you drive a nice, well-cleaned car. If you’re a man, I hope you wear a tie. If you’re a woman, I hope you stay at home with the kids, since that is your rightful place. Also, if you do have children, I hope you keep them out of the dirty, public school system with the swine of humanity teeming with sin.

Fashion, though, is fleeting and what I am referring to as the motivating factors of Corporations through sex is enduring. This is permanent elitism. Once in power we wish to stay in power. And we will have the elite fuck until the end of time.

On the flip side of this is Blatant Sexuality. How do Corporations, who propagate the madness of Social Conservatism, at the same time, push Blatant Sexuality down America’s throats? What is the reason for this? How is it consistent?

It is not consistent. In fact, that is my whole point. It is not meant to be. There is the elite and the rest. The elite live in a world where Blatant Sexuality is 1) obsured 2) easily enjoyed by a few. They wish the rest of the world to live in a world where Blatant Sexuality is 1) hinted at to sell product 2) illegal and unattainable. The more unattainable and hinted at the better because people will pay more and more money to try to get to it, without knowing that it does not exist for them.

This is the tease of the television commercial revealing cleavage but no nipple. This is the come on of the R-rated movie that shows pubic hair but no pink. This is the hypocrisy of the cable porn program that shows the fuck but no cum shot.

Semen is sacred after all. We must not upset the Vatican, the Southern Baptist Convention, the Mormons, or Islam. For every Elitist, there is always someone more Elite.

Of course, sex is healthy and a vital component of life. It is not only a pleasure, but it supports and continues the life of humans on Earth. The schizophrenia of Corporate ‘Ethics’ around sex, however, creates oversexed-undersexed people. They are at once full of desire and full of frustration for lack of fruition of that desire. So they eat. They become obese. They join health clubs or get surgeries to help them. But the guilt that American Culture weights on those who desire sex as a pleasure stems from Corporate Elitism. Religion helps out, in no small measure, but has far, far less actual power than the messages that the Corporation can beam into people’s brains through commercialism and fashion.

So we have a sick society where priests prey on boys, where teachers prey on their students, where kids have kids, and marriages crumble like houses built on sand. All for the sake of the Elitist Fuck. They love it that way.

Overheard Political Discussion

“You said you hate politics?”

“Who doesn’t?”


“Right and lobbyists.”

“Politics is its own industry… journalists, newspapers?”


“Do you really think… I mean, is it fair to say that democracy is kind of a joke?”


“Yeah… I hate to say it, but I don’t think it makes any difference whether I vote or not.”

“Voting is a popularity contest.”

“I don’t feel like I ever know who I’m voting for.”

“Well, unless you’ve got loads of time to reseach a bunch of boring stuff, you won’t know.”

“Why do people vote?”

“Same reason they look at horoscopes and carry a lucky rabbit’s foot.”

“They’re superstitious?”

“Well, it’s all based on a need to control things you know you really can’t.”

“So, democracy, really, is like a superstitition?”

“I guess so.”

“What’s really going on though? I mean, do you think there’s this big shadow government that rules the world and we’re just pawns.”

“Uh… I think that’s probably not true. Who really knows, but I think the idea that we have ‘freedom’ is pretty much a bunch of crap.”

“Why do you say that? I can go out and do pretty much what I want.”

“Yeah, if you have money.”

“Well, duh… you have to have money.”

“Right. So I guess I’m saying that the idea that you are born with certain freedoms is a crock. Because really it depends on how much money you have. The more money you have the more freedom you have. It’s a lopsided system.”

“Well, it’s not like you’re in jail or a slave or whatever.”

“What’s the difference?”

“What do you mean?”

“If I have to work everyday to make money to afford the things I need to live a normal life, you know, a decent lifestyle, not standing in lines waiting for soup, I’m not much different than a slave.”

“But you choose where you work and you can quit and get another job.”

“Can I? How easy is that? You think it’s easy to find a decent job that pays well without working most of the time?”

“Yeah.. I see your point.”

“People want to pretend they’re important because they stay late at work and they do nothing but work all the time and that makes them better people or something, but it makes them slaves is what it is.”

“Well, I’ve never seen it as any different from the way society has always been. There are the have’s and the have-not’s and we’re probably doing better now than ever at people being the have’s, don’t you think? I mean, the harder you work, the more money you get.”

“That’s not always the case. Plus, there’s always work to be done. So the more work you do, the more work keeps coming. If you don’t stop and live your life sometime, you’ll end up working until you keel over and that’s it. Then what is the money good for?”

“Well, everybody takes some time off now and then. Plus, you have to be accountable for yourself, right? You can’t expect to have things handed to you. And you should know what you want to do with your life early on. That’s what school is for.”

“I guess. But I see the problem as power-trippers who want to control everything and have as much money and power as possible and they’re like competing with other power-trippers and that’s actual democracy… it’s all the power-trippers fighting each other for control over pushing everyone else around.”

“That’s harsh.”

“I know.”

“You really think… well, who do you mean are power trippers?”

“Well, look at the stock market right?”


“Well, you have all these public corporations and the idea is that anybody with money can own stock in them.”

“Yeah. I guess. I never understood economics.”

“Well, trust me on this… that’s the way it’s perceived. But, there are plenty of non-public corporations that are completely controlled by whoever owns them. Nobody can tell them what to do. Now, see, that’s freedom. These corporations don’t even have to obey the law because they don’t have to stay in one place, one country… they can put their headquarters anywhere and operate.”

“Come on… there have to be laws against that stuff. I mean, the government controls things. They don’t just let people not pay taxes or whatever. Right?”

“Nope. The government is controlled by these types of people… these huge multinational corporations that answer to no one.”

“You’re just trying to scare me.”

“You got me. Are you scared?”

“What do you think?”

“I think you’re so very scared.”

“Yeah… politics is so damn scary. What do you really think is going on though.. I mean, I don’t think about it much, but….”

“What’s really going is, you live and you love, and you eventually fall off the planet and you go who knows where, but we never really die and politics is the most irrelevant thing we could possibly talk about right now, so why aren’t you kissing me?”

[they kiss]