Random Acts of Aphorism

Colonial Williamsburg is not the most likely place to stumble across multi-colored pieces of paper strewn on the ground, each numbered with hand-written phrases in plain ink pen.

Yet this is exactly what was found the weekend before Christmas. The originals were found by Mona, my stepmother, while she and my Dad celebrated their anniversary, staying at the Williamsburg Lodge. My wife and I joined them for lunch on their departing day.

Here is a transcript of the found notes, all dated 11/24/07, in no particular order:

Relax Your Living – #26

Smile at everyone you pass! 🙂 – #115

Everything happens for a reason – #74

Never Give Up – #34

Forget what you cannot [sic] replace – #37*

Follow Your Dreams – #2

*The intent here seems actually to be: forget what you can replace, since these material things are not so important, in the wider world of wise aphorisms.

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