Admitting Sexual Addiction

Yes, I can now honestly say I am addicted to sex. It has taken me a long time, but I realize that it’s true. The list of things I am addicted to now grows. Let’s see. I am addicted to sex, oxygen, water, food, music, and blood pumping through my veins.

Here’s a good resource on the subject.

Note: those who try to sell you their religion while offering ‘help’ with your (fake) ‘addiction’ are… uh… salespeople? Don’t buy it. They just want your soul…

Ok… religion is an easy target for ridicule and I don’t really mean to make light of serious addictions, but c’mon!… ditch the Puritannical outlook on sex. Do it now. Treating something fundamentally healthy as unhealthy creates many of the problems that ‘sexual addiction’ purports to treat.

Anyway, here is a nice quote from the above-linked article:

I don’t think those with low libidos, like memoirist Joan Sewell, author of I’d Rather Eat Chocolate, should be made to feel sexually incompetent, nor should those with bigger libidos be punished or made to feel like freaks. This isn’t about sexual appetite so much as feeling in control of your sexuality, however you choose to exert that control. If sex controls you, most of the professionals seem to agree, then you could very well be a sex addict.

Adults should be capable of self discipline, but there is also a difference between morality and aesthetics. My threshold for choosing to discipline myself may be different from yours, but is that a moral issue or an issue of taste? People constantly confuse morals (and politics) with aesthetics. They are also quick to criticize and lay blame. For myself, I blame the fashion industry, the peanut farmers of America, lazy and stupid politicians, Doctor Phil, and The Pope’s hat.

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