The Tale of the Tall Flower

One day a man loved a woman and a woman loved a man and they loved each other with no conditions. Their love began to grow like a very tall flower. Then, one day, the woman came to the man and said, ‘I am no longer happy and I can only continue to love you if you abide by the following list of things I have written here’ and she showed the list to the man. The man looked at the list. His heart began to sink. The more he read, the more he began to question the unconditional love he had for the woman. After he finished reading, he sighed and shook his head. Out of his pocket, he took out a pair of scissors and snipped the flower at its base. ‘Goodbye’, he told the woman and left. The man and woman were never happy again for as long as they both lived for they could not ever forget that tall blooming flower. The End.


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