11/13/06 3:30PM

A strong person is one who is aware that they are being taken for granted but sees it more as a natural weakness in the other person than some affront to their very self.

You have to accept that constancy is easy to ignore while change is always going to grab attention. Soceity as a whole has difficulty calibrating the tolerances that measure the difference between constancy and change. There seems to be an overall tendency to notice the slightest difference and for it to be thought of as real change. The fear of change is so great, the guard set high, such that the hint equals the whole thing in full force. This is the way of slippery slope thinking.

Reality is more complex and there are far more differences between people than similarities. Each person lives in their own bubble universe, experiencing life within the bubble. Other people do interact, but the bubbles don’t always overlap and instead repel. Some people have greater capacity inside their bubble than others, but everyone does live in their own bubble universe, seeing the world through a giant bubble lens, floating around inside the greater universe, sometimes with no control at all over where their bubble goes or lands or anything.

Some bubbles are enormously thick and the person within is almost impossible to discern. The bubble is made of personality factors related to perceptions and abilities and conscious choices. Its position is mostly societal but can also be chosen, but to a much lesser degree.

I used to have this idea about the bubbles when I was much younger. Children, I believe have very small, porous bubbles and they easily comingle and meld with other’s bubbles not just overlap. The ovelap occurs as one interacts with another persoon, it becomes necessary to switch from a 3D environment to 2D. In any interaction, the complexities of 3D are too great. There usually is great difficulty in resolving the two bubbles such that they can meld like they could when both were much younger. Instead, the two interact in 2D form, much simpler and easy to understand. Bubbles can ovelap, one laying on the other and possibly switching back and forth throughout the interaction. 3D mbbble melding is a level of intimacy most cannot maintain for long. It is like a foreign body entering the living organism of the bubble.

It’s an interesting metaphor. I’m not sure it’s a theory, but definitely a good guide image that can teach one to think about individuals in a different way. It all raises the consciousness towards a greater capacity to respect other peope, since, if these ‘bubbles’ do exist, everyone lives in one.


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