Mix Tape

The art of the mix tape has been written about ad nauseum, so why not add another bit to the pile? I mean, bologna has a first name and it sure ain’t music compendium. Here’s a tape I found in my car some time ago. It’s dated 3/27/00. Well, here’s a list of the songs. The tape won’t convey onto this electronic blog page, so, well… that’s just logic. This is from whence playlists evolved. Yes, that’s right boys and girls, gather around and you will hear the tales of the days of magnetic tape…

Side One

The Everlasting Gaze – The Smashing Pumpkins
Sexx Laws – Beck
Karma Police – Radiohead
The Sweetest Thing – U2
Lotus – REM
We’re In This Together – Nine Inch Nails
Born On a Sunday – Art of Noise
Lapti Nek – Jabba’s Palace Band
Today – KMFDM
I Think I’m Paranoid – Garbage
Satisfaction – Claw Hammer

Side Two

Just a Girl – No Doubt
I’m Afraid of Americans – David Bowie
No One Receiving – Brian Eno
Girl/Boy (Redruth Mix) – Aphex Twin
Fight for Your Right – Beastie Boys
The Ability to Swing – Thomas Dolby
Disappointed – Electronic
Paranoimia – Art of Noise
Appels + Oranjes – Smashing Pumpkins
The Love Parade – Dream Academy
Rush – Big Audio Dynamite II
Flowers – Cibo Matto

It was recorded on a crappy TDK D90 cassette. I’ve found that the better cassettes are Maxell.


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