The Tale of the Seven Mystics

One day far away where the mystics all gather there was a great meeting. At the appointed meeting place there were seven magicians of old, wise men and women who had the eons to contemplate the mysteries of life, the universe, and all things that are hidden from most people.

All had brought the magical scrolls and parchments of their trade with the intent of sharing their collected wisdom. Some of these papers were stapled.

Thus, the magician who brought the staple remover was most honored, for copies would need to be made for all.

Yet, as these mystics all gathered near the great copying machine which was to make copies for all of the many parchments and magical scrolls amassed by these great wizards seven, the magician with the staple remover, having pulled it from his cloak, accidentally dropped it to the floor.

And all the magicians were amazed. And they stared at this, a wonder. And they saw that it was a sign. One by one they looked to each other for interpretation and one by one they sounded off as to the nature of this mysterious event.

“It means that the toothy ones, the destructors, will fall at our feet,” said the first.

“It means that the tools that are used for extraction will be ruined,” said the second.

“It means that clumsiness is a virtue because those with teeth have been dropped to the ground,” said the third.

“It means that we must beware of the biting animals lest they rend our shins with their sharp teeth,” said the fourth

“It means that the end times have begun since the strong jaws of the mighty have fallen,” said the fifth.

The sixth wizard looked at the others and pondered as the seventh wizard chuckled to himself and shook his head.

The third wizard then said to the sixth, “What do you say about this? We have all opined. Now it is your turn. Or how about you?” He asked the seventh wizard.

The sixth wizard stood silent shaking his head.

The seventh wizard said, “I believe it means you should be a little more careful.” And he handed the staple remover to the 6th wizard, who had been the one to drop it.

Moral: Bring donuts prior to any meeting. Well fed people have less of a tendency to overreact to minor calamities.


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