Snippet of Conversation Overheard (Not Really)

From the imaginary series fictitiously entitled ‘Never Trust Anyone Who Presses Your Pants While You’re Still Wearing Them’, we join the nameless characters already in mouth motion…

“I listened to Frank Zappa’s ‘5-5-5’ on May 5, 2005 with my hand out, raising five fingers. Does that not make me a numerologist?”

“I’m not listening to your gibberish.”

“You really should initiate more.”

“I hardly ever know what you are referring to.”

“To what you’re referring?”

“Why are you so into grammar?”

“Everyone has to be into something.”

“Once again, you mistake me for someone.”

“Someone – else. Someone who give a–?”

“Someone who exists.”

“You don’t exist?”

“Not for you.”


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