File Under: Severely Random Musings and Strange Thoughts

1. Trying to get my thoughts straight.
Helps to write things down.

2. There’s no point in rambling on
You built a Stairway that went nowhere
Boring mythology.
Go buy a less pretentious guitar solo.

3. Notes should be notes. Not fully formed thoughts or expressions. Or even full sentences. Let it be.

4. Fragments and if they don’t lead anywhere that’s just fine.

5. Shouldn’t be pointless or stream-of-consciousness. Unless that’s what you’re going for.

6. Pointless does not equal stream-of-consciousness.

7. What if the words were written but nobody could read?

8. Christianity is a fear-based religion.

9. We need more poets and fewer politicians.

10. The root of money is the love of all evil.

1094. Even if the world is one big illusion, that doesn’t really change anything. It’s a pretty good illusion.

12. You’re not the only person in the world though it may seem that way when you close your eyes.

X. You never have to run fast if you always hit home runs.

85. Creative exercises are always useful. Keeps your brain running.

Q=8B*4C. The worst thing you can do to a person is tell them that what they’ve done is the best thing in the world.

223. Flattery is always a lie.

B. I know your survival instincts tell you otherwise, but you are not really the most important person in the world. No one is.

8 II. Zip zip zipz ipz zjipzij zpi zpi zpi zpi zpi zpi zpizp zpz p zip zpi paipeiepipeia pei paiepae ipai e. and so on…

9 II. Nonsense isn’t always meaningless, but yeah it is.

50 dozen. If you survive beyond the point that you ever believed you could, you become invincible to your own self-defeating behaviors. Success is inevitable.

Appendix B. If you aren’t willing to wait, then you may as well give up.

4. II. Love would be great if everyone thought it meant the same thing. Same for God.

14. Anyone who tells you they have a better answer to what troubles you than what you already are working out for yourself just wants your money, your soul, or both.

No Number 13. The secret is: no one can take your soul. You have to willingly give it to them. Same thing for love.

122. Short aphorisms are redundant.

2211. I doubly and undoubtedly detest your unrepeatable tautology.

9 II. (again). People who want to rule the world are idiots, but let them. They’re usually too dumb to notice that nobody gives a crap.

4,008. If you roll the dice too many times, eventually the dice get a little worn out, but not enough that they don’t work, so go ahead and roll again.

19. The more supervisors you have, the more work will be created.

20. Personality politics run organizations far more frequently than ‘sound management’ principles. Bullies usually run the show.

21. Before you hate someone, ask yourself if you really want to pay that much attention.

22. Antipathy is not the same as apathy.

23. To be creative is to work within inherent restrictions. If you have no restrictions, there is no need to be creative, only expressive.

24. Art need not be revelation. It instead can easily be obfuscation.

534. Features of Christianity that I always found strange:
We are ‘better’ than animals.

God likes blood sacrifice better than fruit.
Not everyone will go to heaven. Only super good people.
Suffering is a good thing if you do it for God.
Women are fundamentally inferior to men.
The Bible is the only truth that anyone needs.
God hates anyone who doesn’t do exactly what He wants, but gives people ‘freedom of choice’.
God got tired and had to rest on the 7th Day. Then, he just stopped making stuff – for the rest of eternity.

789. Government is at the heart of all bureaucracy.

445. Commerce controls art far more than you would like to think.


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